Fossa’s are mammals just like humans!

They are known for their long tail, which makes up half of their body length!

Fossa’s are related to the mongoose! They have round ears, very large eyes, and long whiskers!

Scientists don’t know very much about them because they’re almost never seen!

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“A Fossa” by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA.

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Fossa’s come from Madagascar!

They can be found in Madagascar’s forest region ecosystems!

They are sometimes also seen in the highlands but its very rare!

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Fossa’s like to live in big forests with lots of trees and places to hide!

Sometimes, Fossa’s will live down by the water, moving closer to the coastal areas!

Their territory can be as big as 4 square kilometers, that’s as big as 43 football fields!

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“The Fossa of Madagascar” by Good Free Photos is licensed under CC BY


They are carnivores, meaning they eat mostly other animals!

They don’t like to eat plants and fruits and will stay away from those foods!

They will eat frogs, birds, lizards and even chickens!

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Fossa’s love to climb trees and look for food!

Not only can they climb well, but they can reach running speeds of over 50 km/hr!

Fossa’s are active at night!

They like to hunt in the dark so they are usually seen sleeping during the day!

This means their nocturnal!

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San Diego Wildlife Alliance (2017)

“Cute sleeping Fossa” by Tambako the Jaguar is licensed under CC BY